Nagashima Spa Land

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Nagashima Spa Land

Nagashima Spa Land (ナガシマスパーランド) is a major amusement park in Kuwana right on the border with Aichi Prefecture. Along with Nabana no Sato, it is part of the Nagashima Onsen (長島温泉) entertainment and leisure area.

Opened in 1966, it is arguably the 2nd biggest amusement park in all of Japan behind Fuji-Q Highlands. There are about 45 total rides with 10 roller coasters. The water park currently holds a record for highest density of water slides in a given area.


Amusement Park

Steel Dragon's three major hills

The amusement park is full of coasters, twisty rides, viking rides, kiddy rides, and most of what you'd expect from a major amusement park.

Some notable ones include:

  • Steel Dragon 2000
    A serious roller coaster that could give the world's best a run for their money. At the time of its opening in 2000, it held the world record for speed, height, and track length (the so-called "triple crown"). In two fields it has been superseded, however the world's longest roller coaster record (2479m - 8133ft) still holds a decade later which is a true testament to the quality of this ride. The name comes from the fact that 2000 was a "Year of the Dragon" in the Chinese Zodiac.
    Has a huge hill (97m - 318ft) that can compete with the world's best with quite a few more hills following after it. The top hill can easily be seen from far and wide in much of northern Mie and the Nagoya area on a clear day. You get an amazing view of northern Mie from the top hill right before you take the plunge! The ride clocks in at over three minutes long.
    In 2013, the ride was renovated and reopened featuring new open-air carriages with deep bucket seat that leave your legs dangling. The new harness system uses an over-lap locking system designed for people with "normal" sized thighs. Bigger people, beware.
White Cyclone as seen from above
  • White Cyclone
    The other major roller coaster in Nagashima is a massive wooden ride that opened in 1995. Wooden roller coasters are extremely rare in Japan (only 5) due to strict rules on the construction of wooden buildings/structures set in place by the Japanese government.
    This tribute to deforestation starts with the standard big hill and then zigs and zags around in an out-and-back fashion all over the place. Riders with high tolerance for bumpy and rattly rides and/or have strong neck muscles will enjoy riding this multiple times.
  • Other roller coasters
    There is a cork screw-style one, a mine ride one, a standing one, an interesting one that twirls you while you move straight, and a few other ones.
  • Giant Frisbee
    Big circular structure that twirls and spins while arcing back and forth. Liable to make you very sick if you aren't used to that kind of thing.
  • Space Shot
    Shoots you straight up and then you free fall most of the way back to the ground.
  • Space Shuttle
    Shaped like a NASA spacecraft, it is like a viking ride except that it will do a full upside-down rotation.
  • Ferris Wheel
    At 83m (272ft), it is one of the largest ferris wheels in Japan.
  • Giant Splash
    Like a log ride. One giant raft ascends a big hill then descends and hits the water hard which creates an humongous wave. There is a bridge placed so that the wave will totally drench anybody standing on it if they are there when the raft hits the water. Fun to watch (from a distance).
  • Bobcart
    Go-carts shaped like bobsleds on a bobsled-ish track. Seats two.

Water Park

Holds the world record for most number of water slides crammed into the area occupied by the park – meaning it is the densest water park there is. Great fun in the summer.

The water park is open from July through September.

Some notable mentions:

  • 8 types of waterslides, including tunnel ones and raft-style ones.
  • Giant pool
  • Wave pool
  • Onsen pool

Jazz Dream

Nagashima Spa Land's famed outlet shopping mall – the first outlet mall in the Chūbu area. Houses many big name brands at cheaper prices than you'll normally find as well as a few restaurants and cafes. If you end up going to Nagashima Spa Land on your school field trip, many of the teachers will escape here to get away from the hordes of students in the amusement park.


There are a number of hotels just south of the amusement park where you can hop in the onsen without staying at the hotel (日帰り入浴 higaeri nyūyoku). Will cost a few hundred yen but the baths are especially nice and some are very scenic.

Anpanman Museum

This is located right near the entrance of the amusement park, it is a fairly new facility based on a similar museum in Tokyo. Will be very crowded with children, but is a good place for all things Anpanman.


These are the standard hours. It would be wise to check the official hours chart though, especially during summer

Amusement Park Hours

  • Spring - 09:30~17:00
  • Summer - 09:30~18:00 (hours change depending on the day, please refer to the official summer schedule)
  • Autumn - 09:30~17:00
  • Winter - 09:30~16:30
  • These are weekday times, the parks stays open 30 to 60 minutes later on weekends -- and as late as 22:00 on mid-summer weekends

Other Facilities

  • Jazz Dream - 10:00~20:00
  • Onsen - 09:30~21:00 (open until 23:00 most days in the summer)
  • Nabana no Sato - 09:00~21:00 (requires a bus ride to reach)

Bus Times

The last return bus from Nagashima Spa Land back to Kuwana Station is at 21:40.


There are generally two types of tickets, a "passport" which lets you ride everything without paying, and an "entry fee" which means you have to pay the individual fee every time you ride anything.

  • Standard : ¥4100 for the full passport, or ¥1600 for basic entry (paying per ride)
  • After 15:00 : ¥2500 for the full passport, or ¥1000 for basic entry (paying per ride)
  • Water Park : The summer water park will cost ¥1200~1400 extra on top of above admission prices.


  • 〒511-1192 三重県桑名市長島町浦安333
  • 333 Urayasu, Nagashima-chō, Kuwana-shi, Mie-ken, 511-1192
  • 0594-45-1111



By Train

Make your way to Kuwana (桑名) Station at the very top of Mie. It is both a Kintetsu and JR station.

  1. Take the east exit out of Kuwana Station out the JR side.
  2. Just out the station, turn right and walk along a platform. After about a minute or so, you'll come to a set of stairs down to the ground. This should take you to the Kuwana Station bus rotary (which is right in front of Sangi Nishi-Kuwana Station).
  3. Wait at Bus Stop #2 (2番乗り場) for bus #53, 54, or 55 -- the destination for all three is Nagashima Onsen (長島温泉). Buses tend to run every 15 to 20 minutes at most times of the day. It's about 20 minute ride and costs ¥500 one-way.

Last Bus Times

  • For Nabana no Sato - 20:10 (buses run there later however the sato will be closed to entry by then)
  • For Kuwana Station - 21:40

By Car

Regular Roads

Both Route 23 and Route 1 cross the island of Nagashima. Head through/past Kuwana until you cross a bridge and you'll be on the thin Nagashima. Once onto the island, follow signs for Nagashima Spa Land.


  • The Higashi Meihan Expressway (東名阪自動車道) crosses the island of Nagashima. Get off the highway at the Nagashima interchange (長島IC) and follow signs for the park. It's about 10 minutes south after the interchange.
  • The Ise Wangan Expressway (伊勢湾岸自動車道) crosses the island of Nagashima and passes right next to Nagashima Spa Land. Get off at the Wangan Nagashima interchange (湾岸長島IC) and follow signs for the park. This is probably the easiest way to get to Spa Land, and the park claims that at closing time the Ise Wangan Expressway is the least likely to be backed up by a traffic jam.

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