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The articles and content available in the Mie Guidebook has been submitted and edited by JETs, private ALTs, and other ex-pats living within Mie Prefecture between 2004 and the present day. Jeff Case serves as head content editor.


The software running the Mie Guidebook is provided by the free software project known as MediaWiki. It was installed and configured for the miejets.org website by Jeff Case, who also maintains it as the current MieJETs site administrator.

The Mie Guidebook logo, seen in the upper left-hand corner of every page, was produced by philgraydesign.

The Mie Guidebook is a vast collection of English-language information about living in Mie Prefecture, Japan.

Articles are written by people who have spent time in prefecture, absorbing their surroundings, and who have picked up various bits and pieces of useful information along the way in their adventures. This guide, based on their first-hand knowledge, is a bucket of wisdom for all current and aspiring JETs and others who may find themselves living in Mie-ken.

The Mie Guidebook is not affiliated with the JET Program or any governmental or official organization. It is simply the words and wisdom of the those who have lived the experience in Mie Prefecture.

Queries, comments, and suggestions should be directed to forum@miejets.org